Joan Marie Verba

Joan Marie Verba

Joan Marie Verba earned a bachelor of physics degree from the University of Minnesota and attended the graduate school of astronomy at Indiana University, where she was an associate instructor of astronomy for one year. She has worked as a computer programmer and weight loss coach. She currently works as a writer, an editor/publisher and a web developer and social media consultant.

An experienced writer, Joan is the author of the nonfiction books Voyager: Exploring the Outer Planets, Boldly Writing and Weight Loss Success!, as well as the novels Countdown to Action!, Action Alert!, Deadly Danger!, Situation: Critical!, Extreme Hazard!, and Danger Zone! plus numerous short stories and articles...

Upcoming Appearances

Marscon and Convergence, in 2018


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Other Published Works

Articles and other short stories by Joan Marie Verba:

Revenge, Denied – a fantasy short story a bestselling ebook, February 2012, also available in paperback

“The Wisest Wizard,” Mythic Circle 32, June 2010

“Working Together in a Novel Way,” The Writing Group Book, Sept. 2003

“Post-It Software Notes,” ComputerUser magazine, July 1996

“Coda Music Technology,”ComputerUser magazine, December 1995

“Computer Manuscript Formatting,” SCBWI Bulletin, April/May 1995

“The Three Great Myths of Writing,” SCBWI Bulletin, Dec. 1994/Jan. 1995

“The Sum of the Parts,” Science Fiction Review, Summer 1991

“She Dunit,” Mpls./St. Paul Magazine, October 1984, p. 147

Professional Societies and Other Interest Groups

Professional Societies:

Other Interests:

  • The Mythopoeic Society, which studies the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and other fantasy authors.
  • The Doctor's Exchange (Far Beyond the Stars), the official Siddig El Fadil/Alexander Siddig fan club.
  • Fanderson, the Official Appreciation Society for the Film and Television Productions of Gerry Anderson.
  • Producer of a public access TV interview show for genre authors, TV Bookshelf