The Writing Group Book


Writng Group Book

Writng Group Book



edited by Lisa Rosenthal

ISBN 1-55652-498-6

Chicago Review Press

Cover price $14.95

Published September 2003

Table of Contents


Part I: Starting a Writing Group

1. Who? Me? Starting a Writing Group from Scratch by Nancy Viau, Mullica Hill, New Jersey

2. Sailing the Cyber-Seas: How to Start an On-line Writing Group Without Getting Seasick by Jason Groom, Chicago, Illinois

3. Writing from the Heartland: How to Maintain a Screenwriting Group 2,000 Miles from Hollywood by Eric Diekhans, Chicago, Illinois

4. The Workplace Writing Group by Tina Marie Smith, Orlando, Florida

5. Somehow, the Scenes Still Happen: Writing in the Round by E.A. Bagby, Chicago, Illinois

6. A Story Circle for Women by Renee Howard Cassese, Seaford, New York

7. An Expatriate’s Guide to Writing Groups by Lawrence Schimel, Madrid, Spain

8. Group Effort: Organizing a Family of Writers by Richard Holinger, Geneva, Illinois

9. An Agent Among Us: Literary Agents and Writing Groups by Jennie Dunham, New York, New York

PART II Organizing and Maintaining a Writing Group

10. What to Pack for Your First Writing Group Meeting by Karen Lewis, Amherst, New York

11. Welcome to the Writing Life: On the Value of Writing Groups by Carol LaChapelle, Chicago, Illinois

12. On-Line and In Touch: Organizing a Writing Group in Cyberspace by Mary Pat Mahoney, Colleyville, Texas

13. Giving Good Group: Critiques That Help by Raquelle Azran, Tel Aviv, Israel

14. Six Voices: The Story of a Poets’ Group by Rasma Haidri, Bodo, Norway

15. Slow Simmer vs. Microwave: Writing Group Critiques vs. Professional Workshop Deadlines by Margaret Lewis, Chicago, Illinois

16. Recipe for Maintaining an On-Line Writing Group by Deepa Kandaswamy, India, Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States

17. Keep Your Mouth Shut: The Key to Getting Helpful Critiques by John Weagly, Chicago, Illinois

18. Climbing Out of the Snake Pit: A Writing Group Clears a Path to Healing by Susan Reuling Furness, Boise, Idaho

PART III: Why Writing Groups Flourish or Fizzle

19. A Good Group Is Hard to Find by Ellen Birkett Morris, Louisville, Kentucky

20. Ten Reasons Why Writing Groups Flounder, Fizzle, or Fail by Kathy Briccetti, Berkeley, California

21. The Retreat by Karen Propp, Cambridge, Massachusetts

22. Staying Together: A Bond of Focus and Respect by Marnie Brooks, Raleigh, North Carolina

23. Working Together in a Novel Way by Joan Marie Verba, Minnetonka, Minnesota

24. Dimming a Star: How to Manage a Dominant Group Member by Dorothy Stone, Concord, Massachusetts

25. Five Virtues That Toppled a Writing Group by Ann Cooper, Boulder, Colorado

26. Dominating the Ugly Jade Dragon of Jealousy By Connie Heckert, Bettendorf, Iowa

27. The Awards of Writing by Mary-Lane Kamberg, Olathe, Kansas

PART IV: Venturing Beyond the Writing Group Setting

28. KaBooM! The Kentucky Book Mafia: Secrets of Successful Marketeers by Lynn Pruett, Lexington, Kentucky

29. Get Out of the House! Master Public Readings with the Help of Your Writing Group by Jennifer Tappenden, Kenmore, New York

30. La Groupe or How I Learned to Get from the Stage to the Page by L. Claire Kincannon, Paris, France

31. Getting Feral Parakeets to Go on Paper: Adventures in Publishing an Anthology by R. Neube, Cincinnati, Ohio

32. Encouraging Our Parakeets to Leave the Nest: Helping Our Anthology Find New Homes by R. Neube, Cincinnati, Ohio

33. Moving Beyond the Meetings: Having Fun and Adding Quality with Group Events by D. M. Rosner, Fairfield County, Connecticut

34. Networking and the Writing Group by David Starkey, Santa Barbara, California


35. 21 Tips That Put My Playwriting Group on the Map by Lisa Rosenthal, Chicago, Illinois

36. 21 More Tips to Creating and Sustaining a Successful Writing Group

37. 10 Tips to Taking Your Work Public

38. 30 Tips to Marketing Your Work