Weight Loss Success!

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How to Lose Weight and Have Fun Doing It!

A message from the author:

Like you, I have lost weight and gained it back. I have started exercise programs and not stuck to them. But, in 1979, I lost weight and have kept it off since then.

If you also have tried to lead a healthy lifestyle and found your efforts didn’t work in the past, I have GOOD NEWS! Because I have found that the “secret” to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is HAVING FUN!

Success comes through having fun!

Isn’t that great? The reason that the diet or exercise or lifestyle program didn’t work in the past is because you weren’t having fun at it! Is losing weight, exercising, and maintaining healthy habits a lot of work? Of course it is! That’s why it’s doubly important to have as much fun as you can while you’re doing it, because if it’s not fun, you’re not going to do it! Right? Right!

The motto that inspires me is: “Do one thing every day that makes you happy!” Why? Because when you participate in activities that are FUN for you, you’ll stick with them! When you find nutritional, healthy foods that you enjoy, you’ll eat them! When you are spending your time on FUN activities, you won’t have the time to be stressed (and you’ll avoid emotional eating)!



  • The Importance of Having Fun Losing Weight
  • My Story
  • Why the Diet Didn’t Work Before
  • Losing Weight Is Hard
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • What Do I Eat?
  • What About Exercise?
  • Games the Food-Addicted Play
  • Motivation

Joan’s Credentials and Experience:

Weight Loss Coach Joan Marie Verba was once obese herself. She reached her weight goals in 1979 and kept the weight off ever since. She has had nine years’ experience advising clients how to lose weight as part of a nationally advertised weight loss program, and has additional training as a health coach.

Disclaimer: The contents of this book or web page may not be construed as a medical diagnosis, treatment, advice, claim, or substitute for a physician’s care. Consult a physician or other health care provider before starting a weight loss or exercise program. Joan’s results are not typical, and she cannot guarantee you will have the same results. Your results are up to you!