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Other Published Works

Articles and other short stories by Joan Marie Verba:

Revenge, Denied – a fantasy short story a bestselling ebook, February 2012, also available in paperback

“The Wisest Wizard,” Mythic Circle 32, June 2010

“Working Together in a Novel Way,” The Writing Group Book, Sept. 2003

“Post-It Software Notes,” ComputerUser magazine, July 1996

“Coda Music Technology,”ComputerUser magazine, December 1995

“Computer Manuscript Formatting,” SCBWI Bulletin, April/May 1995

“The Three Great Myths of Writing,” SCBWI Bulletin, Dec. 1994/Jan. 1995

“The Sum of the Parts,” Science Fiction Review, Summer 1991

“She Dunit,” Mpls./St. Paul Magazine, October 1984, p. 147