Short Stories

Revenge, Denied - a fantasy short story An Amazon Kindle Bestseller, February 2012

"The Wisest Wizard," Mythic Circle 32, June 2010

"The Sum of the Parts," Science Fiction Review, Summer 1991

Darkover short stories:

"Safe Passage," Snows of Darkover, 1994

"The Madwoman of the Kilghard Hills," Towers of Darkover, 1993

"An Invitation to Chaos," Leroni of Darkover, 1991

"The Honor of the Guild," Renunciates of Darkover, 1991

"Mind-eater," Domains of Darkover, 1990

"Death's Scepter," Four Moons of Darkover, 1988

"This One Time," Free Amazons of Darkover, 1985